What we are bringing you this winter?

New experience for better interaction

At Manage My Health we are fully focused on how to make your experience better. We had a full rebrand last year and now we are bringing you a sleek and modern-looking portal to enhance your  experience.  

New Patient Portal
Manage My Health UI For Desktop

Manage My Health released Version 2 of the Patient Portal into beta in June. We have many practices and several thousand patients using this new version. We are very pleased with the feedback and improvement suggestions that we have received so far.

This new application embraces the latest in technology with an enhanced user experience, and will make using the application easier. It also has significant security upgrades and enhancements, including two-factor authentication using both facial and biometric options.

Manage My Health has a comprehensive enhancement programme bringing forth even more exciting innovations. We look forward to welcoming you all to the new experience in August.

New Provider Portal

In consultations with various stakeholders within the sector, we have recognised the importance of upgrading the Provider Portal. We have incorporated some exciting new enhancements to the development of the Provider Portal.

This is expected to be released to the market in October, and in addition to the existing features of the Provider Portal, it will enable Shared Care and Care Plans as separate modules, within a refined user interface. This was requested by many users who are involved in multi-disciplinary care and work with at-risk patients with multiple co-morbidities.

Please get in touch with any further suggestions that you have that will improve your interactions with your patients, to ensure better patient outcomes.

New Mobile App
Mobile UI - Manage My Health

Manage My Health users are rapidly migrating from using Version 1 of the Mobile App to Version 2 which was released in April. Version 2 has significantly improved workflow enhancements for patients.

We are already working on Version 3, which we will aim to launch by the end of the year. It includes multiple integrations with devices and wearable technology, enabling patients to monitor their health through devices such as their Fitbit or Apple Watch.

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Mobile UI - Manage My Health
Product Updates

Update your Mobile App today!

Our Patient Portal Mobile App has received a significant upgrade, aimed at simplifying your healthcare experience! Some of the new

Product Updates

Version 2 Update

At Manage My Health, we are committed to continually improving our platform to better serve our valued practices and patients.