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Why use Manage My Health portal?

Manage My Health is a secure online health portal that extends the capabilities of your practice and transforms patient engagement. It provides the most comprehensive features that take care of manual tasks to reduce costs and improve cash flow so you can focus more on your practice and patients. 

Trusted by over 1.85 million Kiwis and used by most health centres, it is the only portal that is seamlessly integrated with the Medtech PMS that allows you to monitor and stay connected with your patients more effectively, anytime, anywhere. 

Reduce costs

Automate manual tasks online: enable patients to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, and pay online

Reduce communication costs: send electronic recalls, appointment bookings, automated reminders, and secure email to patients

Convenient and easy to use

Contact patients securely at the tap of a button

Provide the convenience of remote video and phone consultations, or in-person appointments if preferred

Seamlessly integrated with Medtech PMS that allows you to monitor and connect with your patients more effectively

Provide better care

Share patient info and Medic Alert profile with other healthcare providers like specialists, community health workers, and after-hours or emergency services

Enable patient access to health records: lab results, immunisations, allergies, and prescriptions

Increase revenue

Avoid accumulating outstanding debts from patients and improve cash flow by collecting payment for repeat prescriptions and video consultations upfront

We are working with Medtech on a full integration with their new ALEX platform, as well as with their Medeor payments engine


Manage My Health strives to adhere to web accessibility standards to ensure our solutions are accessible to all New Zealanders

The Ministry of Health Sponsored Data Programme (zero-rated data) provides access to our services on smartphone or tablet at any time and without being charged for data costs

Manage My Health has been working hard behind the scenes to deliver our solutions in multiple languages including Te Reo Māori (which is now available), Samoan, Tongan, and other mainstream languages.

Safe & secure technology

Stringent security features keep patient data and communications safe. Just like internet banking, we use SSL security technology to ensure communication and patient information are completely safe and secure

Transforming patient engagement

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Key Features

Repeat Prescriptions

Ensure your patients don’t miss their medications by enabling them to easily order Repeat Prescriptions online, no more unnecessary phone calls or practice visits!

Online Payments

Patients can pay upfront for your services with Online Payments. It automatically generates invoices in your Medtech PMS.

Video Consultation

Maintain continuity of care for your patients while ensuring the safety of your staff. Hosted via secure encrypted channel, it’s cost-effective and easy to use with one click to connect via a browser or the App.

Latest Developments


New Provider Portal

Manage My Health will soon be releasing a new Provider Portal with an enhanced user interface and experience. Provider Portal can be extended to include Shared Electronic Health Records (SEHR), Shared Care and Care Plans.


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New Practice Support Portal

If your practice or health organisation is already signed up with Manage My Health, you can get support or answers to your questions about your portal through our Practice Support Portal.

You can get 24/7 access to a validated Knowledge Base, FAQs, and includes support request tracking. Additionally, it also has updates on future product releases and other features that will improve your experience. You can also inform us of enhancements you might like to see in future versions.

Going forward, you will be receiving an invitation to join the Practice Support Portal soon. Alternatively, reach out to our support team to get set up today.

Integration with My Health Account

We are working with Te Whatu Ora/Health NZ to integrate Manage My Health with My Health Account for patient identity verification and smoother onboarding of new patients.

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