Our Patient Portal Mobile App has received a significant upgrade, aimed at simplifying your healthcare experience! Some of the new features include:

  • Enhanced Appointments: Enjoy greater flexibility when selecting appointments that suit your needs.
  • Doctor Search: Easily locate your trusted healthcare provider by name.
  • Prescription Requests: Effortlessly request medication refills through a user-friendly process.
  • Health Summary: Your complete medical history is now even more accessible.
  • Video Consultations: Receive timely advice with on-the-go video calls directly from the app.
  • Self-Arrival: Say goodbye to front desk wait times; notify the practice that you have arrived at the clinic with ease.

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Product Updates

Version 2 Update

At Manage My Health, we are committed to continually improving our platform to better serve our valued practices and patients.

Manage My Health - Old UI VS New UI
Product Updates

Whats different in the New Patient Portal

Whats new? Improved User Experience: The new responsive design of the patient portal appropriately adapts on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile)