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Innovative solutions

Simplifying healthcare through digital innovations

Patient Portal

Powerful online platform that gives you the freedom to manage your and your family’s health needs anytime, anywhere

Provider Portal

Digitally engage and manage
your patients to reduce
your costs and deliver better
health outcomes

Online Payments

Seamless payment experience to collect payments for repeat prescriptions, video consultations and appointments

Video Consultations

A simple and cost-effective tool to improve patient care using high-quality, secure audio/video communication


Our healthcare innovation partnership program
that enables seamless integration with the Manage My Health platform.


A trusted environment to deliver lasting impact for your brand and campaign. Promote your message to a unique health-focused audience.


Communicate with patients effectively and efficiently. Send automated SMS notifications to individual patients or broadcast them to a group of patients.

Connected Care Forms

Streamline referral processes and enhance patient care. Seamlessly integrated with Medtech, this enable practitioners to refer patients to specialised services.

Shared Electronic Health Record

Enhance patient care through shared access to a patient’s electronic health record at the point of care

Shared Care

Enabling you to record
shared notes, setup a
patient care team, and record shared alerts against the Patient Health Record

Beating The Blues

Fully funded clinically
validated online tool
designed to help manage
depression and anxiety

Brain Injury Screening Tool (BIST)

A unique digital triaging
tool that enables clinicians to diagnose Traumatic Brain Injury (TBIs) soon

Innovations at your doorstep


We know that running a community-based health and wellbeing practice or health organisation is not easy. Connecting seamlessly with your clients and having multiple suppliers and tools make it even more complicated. That’s why we’ve come up with MMH360, the all-in-one solution to engage with your clients and take care of all your operational needs so that you can spend less cost and time on admin and focus more on delivering better care instead. You can do more with automation – it streamlines and automates your clinical workflow, reduces costs, and enables you to engage at every stage of your customer journey effectively.

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Health providers on Manage My Health will soon be able to use SMS in the portal to effectively and efficiently communicate with their patients.  You can send automated SMS notifications to individual patients or broadcast to a group of patients. You can also invite patients to register via SMS. You are in control of the budget using self-service billing and credit management facility for both post or pre-pay options.

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Remote Monitoring

Manage My Health will offer Remote Patient Monitoring in the future to enable health providers to support their patients as they recover and stay well in their communities.  This market-proven solution allows the providers to monitor their patients remotely in virtual wards with the ability to hold timely care with online consultations whenever necessary.  This means fewer readmissions to hospitals and better health outcomes for the patients. With Manage My Health’s Shared Electronic Health Records (SEHR), remote patient monitoring can provide a continuum of care between primary and secondary providers. Watch this space!

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Discover Health

We have noted that providers often have to answer many questions from their patients, which can be time-consuming. To help practices manage this more efficiently, Manage My Health is launching Discover Health. Packed with credible and validated content like videos and articles, Discover Health will improve patients’ health literacy. The content has been developed by leading clinicians and health organisations, so patients don’t have to take the chance with unreliable medical sources like “Dr. Google” anymore.

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Health Promotion

Promote your brand and reach over 1.5 million Kiwis predisposed to health messages though our Health Promotion advertising engine. We can support you to strengthen your brand, suit your message, engage your audience, fit your budget, and achieve your business goals. As New Zealand’s most widely used patient portal, we can deliver your brand messages to over 1.5 million registered users on our portal. Manage My Health’s health promotion platform is ideal for businesses, government and non-government organisations wanting to promote their brand and campaigns to Kiwis who are more likely to be highly engaged, receptive and predisposed to health messages and promotions.

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