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Partner with us to develop innovative healthcare solutions

Manage My Health Connect is our healthcare innovation partnership program that enables seamless integration with the Manage My Health platform.

Create apps that seamlessly integrate, enhancing user experiences and driving growth within the ecosystem. Leverage Manage My Health Connect to build value-added services, catering to consumer needs with added functionality, convenience, and value. Join us to drive innovation, deliver unparalleled value to Manage My Health users, and shape the future of healthcare technology.

Developer-Friendly Portal

A centralized hub for exploring Manage My Health Connect’s functionalities, detailed documentation, sandbox environments for testing & development. Grants an easy access to API documentation, tools & resources.

Flexible Pricing Tiers

Flexible pricing tiers to accommodate different application requirements. Choose a plan that aligns with your specific needs and budget, ensuring a fair and scalable cost structure as you build and grow your applications.

Consent Model

Access User Data with Consent leveraging Manage My Health Connect’s consent model to ensure users have control over their data. Build applications that utilize consented data to provide personalized and tailored user experience.

Safe & Secure

Build solutions using industry-standard protocols like OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect to ensure secure authentication and authorization providing developers with a reliable and trusted framework for their applications.

Partnership program

Seamless integration and a range of key features for you to build value to your consumer needs


API compliant to FHIR interoperability standards and implemented to ensure data interoperability and consistency.

Patient demographics

Access to patient demographic information to improve care and coordination.

Patient health records

Secure access to patient health records subject to patient consent

Secure data access

Robust authentication and authorisation mechanisms to control data access, ensuring high standards of data privacy and security.

Data encryption

All data transmission will be end-to-end encrypted to protect patient information.

Audit trail

Auditing to track data access and modifications.

Why partner with us?

  • Access health records
  • Seamless integration with Web & Mobile Apps
  • Enables single sign-on from Manage My Health to the third-party application
  • Enables the exchange of health information securely based on FHIR standards
  • Compliance with privacy and security protocols
  • Access to sandbox environment to test APIs
  • Inbuilt usage monitoring, billing and reporting functions
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