Shared electronic health record

Advances the delivery of care by making it easy to access patient information at the point of care

Shared Electronic Health Record

Manage My Health’s Shared Electronic Health Record (SEHR)

SEHR enables the safe and secure sharing of patient medical information with health specialists, after hours and emergency clinicians during or outside normal GP clinic times.

SEHR centralised repository can be shared across multiple practices, enabling healthcare providers to access patient’s record anytime, anywhere.  

Secure data sharing

Enhances patient safety and care through safe and secure sharing of patient medical information at point of care

Swift access to patient history

Significantly reduces clinician time in gathering patient medical history as it is available to them at their fingertips

Reduce callbacks

Eliminates the need to contact patient’s GP outside normal clinic hours for patient medical information

Instant Diagnosis Aid

Reduces delays and time to diagnose patients by having access to patient’s medical information on demand

Automatic record sync

Automate the synchronisation of patient records between multiple practices

Extended care management

Enables organisations to manage growing demand for healthcare by offering after hours and emergency clinicians

Reduce medication errors

Enables discharge care coordination and reduces medication errors

Seamless care

Enhances patient experience and continuity of care as they don’t need to remember their medications and conditions when visiting a healthcare facility

The right information at point of care

SEHR can assist General Practices, Hospitals, medical centres, and after-hours clinics to work together for better patient outcomes.

Securely share electronic health record among healthcare facilities

Integrated with multiple practice management systems including Medtech32, Medtech Evolution, and My Practice

Hosted securely in New Zealand data centre

Provider portal to access patient records on the go

Access to comprehensive health record including medications, allergies, immunisations, conditions, lab results, observations, GP consultation notes, shared notes and recalls

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