Manage My Health Gets Personal: Introducing OTP Sign-In and Messaging!

One-Time Password (OTP) Sign-In to the website 

Are your patients struggling with a forgotten password? No need to be concerned. We are delighted to introduce OTP to Sign-In if they have forgotten their password. The OTP is sent to their email, to ensure easy login process without compromising security. 

SMS – Improved communication with your patients 

Effective patient communication is vital for enhancing care delivery, patient engagement, and overall satisfaction. That’s why healthcare providers on Manage My Health now have the capability to use SMS within the portal to streamline communication with their patients. With this SMS feature, you can:

  • Send automated SMS appointment reminders.
  • Send one-off SMS to individual patients or broadcast important updates to a group of patients.
  • Invite patients to register via SMS, simplifying the onboarding process and improving access to their health information.
  • Manage your budget effectively through self-service billing and credit management tools, whether you opt for post-pay or pre-pay options.

Utilising the SMS functionality on Manage My Health is a straightforward, cost-effective, and powerful way to enhance patient-doctor communication, leading to numerous benefits for your practice and the patients you serve.

Elevate patient engagement with group message

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Group Message allows you to send a free message to groups of your patients via Manage My Health. The message can be filtered by age, default provider and gender to target specific groups of patients. You can also attach PDF files from your computer, handy for sending newsletters and other important documents. Simply go to your provider portal and the communications tab where you will find our group message functionality. 

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Mobile UI - Manage My Health
Product Updates

Update your Mobile App today!

Our Patient Portal Mobile App has received a significant upgrade, aimed at simplifying your healthcare experience! Some of the new

Product Updates

Version 2 Update

At Manage My Health, we are committed to continually improving our platform to better serve our valued practices and patients.

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Product Updates

Whats different in the New Patient Portal

Whats new? Improved User Experience: The new responsive design of the patient portal appropriately adapts on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile)