Online payments

With Manage My Health Online Payments, individuals can make payments for services in real time.

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Time is money. Let’s save you some!

Experience a seamless and easy way to collect payments from your patients while reducing admin costs and increasing cashflow

 What if we could take out the hassle of calling forgetful customers to collect payments and incurring bad debts? With the Manage My Health online payments, your patients can directly pay upfront for any of your services like repeat prescriptions and appointments whether that be face-to-face, phone appointments or video consultations. With over a million Kiwis using our portal, it provides a seamless experience for your patients to pay for your services. It simply asks for payment at the end of their request, just like they would expect when shopping online. 


Verify the medications your patient requested from their records


No need for follow up calls or texts for payments


Service requests and payments happen together

Reduce costs

Less unpaid accounts, less follow ups saving practice’s admin time and reducing bad debt

A seamless solution for your practice

 Did you know? On an average there are 23 steps from the time a patient requests a repeat prescription to reconciling the payment in your PMS. But, do you always get paid for your staff’s time when a request is approved or declined? Online payments solve this issue.

Simplified process to improve your cash flow

Choose to make online payments an option along with payment at the health centre, or make prepayment a requirement

Invoices automatically generated in Medtech

For each transaction, a payment record is written back into your Medtech PMS (MT32 and Evolution supported)

Intuitive, safe & secure, powered by Windcave

Payment reports available on Manage My Health and Windcave

Repeat Prescription Variable Pricing

Manage My Health’s Request for Repeat Prescription (RRP) Variable Pricing is now available for practices to offer different pricing options so that patients with discount cards can pay a price tailored to them. This will give practices more flexibility to customise their services to fit the needs of their patients with Community Services Card (CSC) or High Use Health Cards (HUHC). Collecting payments in advance will save the practice time and effort in chasing payments. It’s a free upgrade that will be available very soon.

Man is shopping online with laptop

Easy for the individuals

User experience just like online shopping.

Credit card and Account2Account options provided

Works with all NZ banks

Email receipt provided to the patient

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