Connected Care Referral Forms

Advancing Healthcare Accessibility and Efficiency

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Seamless Referrals

Connected Care Referral Forms empower healthcare providers to streamline referral processes and enhance patient care. Seamlessly integrated with the leading practice management system Medtech, our Connected Care Referral Forms enable practitioners to refer patients to specialised services and support with ease and efficiency.

It can also enable organisations and businesses to receive referrals from health care providers, and/or self-referrals from patients using the Manage My Health patient portal.

Streamlined Referral Process

Easily refer patients to specialised services directly from your practice management system, reducing administrative burdens and improving efficiency.

Seamless Integration

Connected Care Referral Forms are integrated with leading practice management systems including Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution, ensuring a familiar and user-friendly experience for practitioners.

Secure Data Hosting

Data is securely hosted in New Zealand data centres, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations, and maintaining patient confidentiality.

Pre-Populated Form with Health Records

Forms will be pre-populated with patient health records, including medications, allergies, immunisations, conditions, lab results, observations, GP consultation notes, shared notes, and recalls.

Partners using Connected Care Referral Forms

Key benefits

Most trusted

Trusted by over 650 healthcare organisations and growing

Widely used

NZ’s largest patient portal with over 1.85 million registered users

Seamless access

Seamless & rich integration with Medtech Practice Management System

Benefits for Healthcare Providers


Significantly reduce clinician time by prepopulating the Connected Care Referral Forms using health records from the Medtech PMS.

Patient Safety

Enhance patient safety and care through the safe and secure sharing of patient medical information at the point of care.

Improved Patient Experience

Enhance the patient experience and continuity of care by providing healthcare professionals with access to comprehensive patient health records during visits.

Reduced Admin

Reduce delays and time to assess patients by having access to patient details and medical information direct to your inbox.

Benefits for Organisations

Receive referrals from GPs

Efficiently manage patient inflow by seamlessly receiving referrals from GPs.

Receive self-referrals from patients

Empower patients to self-refer, enabling organisations to enhance accessibility to their services.

Custom design forms

This enables organisations to capture the necessary information in desirable ways.

Reduce admin and errors

Receive electronic referrals in a standardised format, to reduce administration overheads and manual data entry errors.

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