Discover Health

Credible and validated content to improve patients’ health literacy & awareness

Managing patients' questions more efficiently

Want to educate and share health information easily with patients? Manage My Health‘s Discover Health, will help you do just that and more – access and share with your patients a wealth of clinically validated and trustworthy articles according to their needs. Steer them towards videos, articles and resources that educate, empower, and motivate patients to stick with their treatment plans and follow sound medical advice. 

Save time

An efficient solution for healthcare providers to address the frequent and time-consuming patient questions encountered in medical practices.

Improve equity

Offer trustworthy, validated content and resources to ensure equitable health outcomes for everyone, breaking down barriers and promoting fairness in healthcare.

Validated contents

Library of credible and validated content that provides better insights so that patients are not taking chances with unreliable medical sources like “Dr Google” anymore.

Empower your patients

Knowledge and confidence are potent catalysts in a patient’s pursuit of health and wellness as long as the information they rely upon is reliable and trustworthy.

Health and wellness at your fingertips

Why use Discover health?

  1. Reliable Information: Trusted and accurate health content.
  2. Patient Education: Supports promotion of preventive care and wellness.
  3. Empowering Patients: Knowledge empowers patients in healthcare decisions.
  4. Diverse Topics: Covers a wide range of conditions and lifestyle factors.
  5. Easy to share: Seamless sharing of content from clinical staff to patients.
  6. Time Efficiency: Optimises consultation time by directing to Discover Health.