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Book appointments online Did you know that you can book an appointment with your GP using ManageMyHealth patient portal? Schedule your next appointment at , or on the app today!

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South GPCME conference 2022

Thank you South GPCME 2022! Manage My Health is proud to be a part of South GP CME conference 2022. It was great meeting various health professionals in person and showcasing new features we have been developing over the past

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Manage My Health Overview Open your eyes to a healthier you.

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What we are bringing you this winter?

New experience for better interaction At Manage My Health we are fully focused on how to make your experience better. We had a full rebrand last year and now we are bringing you a sleek and modern-looking portal to enhance

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We are committed to continuously improving and innovating to ensure that we respond to your emerging needs. We believe that in the fast, ever-changing world of technology, adopting the latest innovations are critical to ensuring that we have the best