Practice Plus Partners with Manage My Health to Simplify Appointment Bookings Through App Integration

Practice Plus, in partnership with Manage My Health, has launched a Practice Plus integrated booking portal that allows patients to book appointments directly through the Manage My Health portal. This integration addresses a critical issue facing the New Zealand Health industry by allowing patients faster access to health services when in need and alleviating pressure on practices.

This collaboration enables patients to book appointments with Practice Plus via the Manage My Health portal, particularly during afterhours or when their regular GPs are unavailable. This integration significantly reduces the administrative effort and time required to schedule a telehealth appointment. Practices that are part of the Practice Plus network have the option to activate this feature for their patients. In the first roll out, practices under 17 PHOs across New Zealand, who are using Manage My Health have the potential to access Practice Plus services, provided the practice enables the feature.

 Jess White, General Manager at Practice Plus, said the integration is a huge step forward in increasing access to telehealth appointments for our communities who need them.

“Practice Plus continues to support more and more practices across the motu, ensuring their patients have access to telehealth appointments in the evening, weekends and when they can’t get an appointment with their regular GP. We must capture patient details when they sign up; however, with the portal automatically populating this information, it reduces much of the admin process and will support more people to use the service for them or their whānau,” she said.

Practices retain control over the activation of the Practice Plus, ensuring they can promote the service in a way that complements their existing operations and supports the sustainability of the general practice business model.

Vino Ramayah, CEO of Manage My Health, commented on the integration: “The addition of the Practice Plus booking portal enhances the tools available to our users, fostering better health management from a single platform. It also expands access to support outside of regular hours.”  Mr. Ramayah looks forward to further collaboration with Practice Plus as the service expands.

Practice Plus is accessible from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM on weekdays and from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on weekends and public holidays. Patients whose practices are enrolled with Practice Plus and have enabled the portal can now book directly through the app. Appointments can also be made via the Practice Plus website at

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