Manage My Health at Future of Medicine Conference ’23

In a fast-changing world of medicine, being at the forefront of innovation is paramount. Recently, Manage My Health sponsored the “The Future of Medicine” conference in Auckland, which was an eye-opening and inspiring experience. 

The conference was about “Challenging the status quo and inspiring a new view on medicine.” The focus was on shifting from treating illness to promoting wellness, with a strong emphasis on proactive healthcare management. The conference gathered individuals from diverse backgrounds, including MDs, PhDs, academics, healthcare practitioners, nurses, coaches, and other medical and health professionals. They came together to be part of a collective effort to shape the future of medicine. We had a great time at our booth, talking to various healthcare experts and showcasing our products that simplify healthcare. The event featured an outstanding roster of guest speakers who delivered informative and thought-provoking sessions covering a range of topics, focused on the extraordinary potential in the healthcare industry. This left attendees feeling enthusiastic and optimistic about what lies ahead.

In a world where healthcare is improving and more accessible, Manage My Health is proud to be part of the journey. We know that working together with our partners and supporters is how we can make healthcare easier for everyone. The “The Future of Medicine” conference was just the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. As we keep working on our goals, we’re confident about the future of healthcare.

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