Account2Account Payments

Maximise cashflow with online Account2Account payments and reduce time chasing late payments.

Safe contact-less payments for your practice!

As demand for remote services increases, so does the challenge of collecting payment for these services and managing the reconciliation of these payments. ManageMyHealth is here to help!

Now you can easily collect payment for repeat prescriptions with Account2Account payments through ManageMyHealth and Windcave. Get paid directly to your account without any delays.

What are the benefits of enabling online payments?


Limit exposure to COVID-19

Reduce potential exposure by using contactless payments. Patients can request and pay for their repeat prescriptions directly through the ManageMyHealth portal.

PMS - medtech

Fully integrated with your PMS

Receive payments directly into your bank account. A payment record is automatically created in Medtech32/Evolution 4 to reduce administration.

cashflow - infographic

Improve cashflow

Improve cashflow and reduce outstanding debt.

Why use Account2Account?

Available to everyone
Available to anyone with online banking with a New Zealand bank

Easy to setup
Immediate availability with a simple application process

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    Your practice may already collect direct bank transfers after a service is requested. Account2Account is an online payment solution, offered and hosted by Windcave. It allows your practice to accept online payments direct to your bank account at the time of a repeat prescription being requested through ManageMyHealth.

    Collecting for services after the fact can cause a backlog of payments needing to be chased. Account2Account allows your practice to collect direct payments to your bank account at the time of a repeat prescription request.  

    The payment solution is integrated into your Medtech PMS, ManageMyHealth will reduce the admin tasks by creating payment records in Medtech at the time of an Account2Account transaction being completed. 

    After activating Account2Account payments, the ManageMyHealth team will help run through the settings available to your practice.  

    The payment methods that are available to assist in collect payments include ‘Pay Online Only’ & ‘Pay Online or At the Health Centre’. 

    ManageMyHealth has partnered with Windcave to offer an integrated Account2Account Payment solution through the portal.  

    Windcave is a market-leading payments provider (previously known as Payments Express), who offer a secure, reliable, all-in-one payment solution that is widely used in New Zealand. Your practice may already be a Windcave customer for EFTPOS Payments.  

    Account2Account can be up and running in just a few days. To get started fill your details in the online form above and the ManageMyHealth team will get to work with Windcave, managing all the admin. Once the required details are ready, we will be in touch to activate this in your ManageMyHealth and Medtech systems. 

    Following the guided prompts onscreen, the patient can enter their online banking credentials within the secure Windcave platform, they select the account to transfer the funds and confirm the transaction.  

    If you’d like to check it out, see the Account2Account demo at this link

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