Service Specification


Name of Product – ManageMyHealth™ Patient Portal

  • The following service specification applies to the ManageMyHealth™ Patient Portal product and service.
  • The ManageMyHealth™ Patient portal is a secure online health solution that extends the capabilities of the practice management software and allows the practice to interact with patients.
  • Key Features:
    • a) Appointment Booking
    • b) Repeat Prescription Requests
    • c) Email Requests
    • d) Normal Lab Result Notification
    • e) Email Recalls
    • f) Access to Patients Health Summary
    • g) Health Indicators
    • h) Patient Journal
    • i) Patient Calendar
    • j) Goal Tracking

Name of Product – ManageMyHealth™ Shared Electronic Health Record

  • The ManageMyHealth™ Shared Electronic Health Record (SEHR) Platform enables a General Practice to share selected parts of Patients health records with other health providers with the patients consent.
  • The Key Features:
    • a) Medications prescribed by your GP
    • b) Allergies
    • c) Classifications
    • d) Lab Results filed by your GP
    • e) Recalls
    • f) Immunisations
    • g) GP Consultation Notes


Service Availability

  • a) The Licensor aims to make the ManageMyHealth™ available as a software as a service without interruptions.
  • b) However the ManageMyHealth™ will need to conduct scheduled maintenance from time to time and this may result in scheduled outages where the service may not be available.
  • c) ManageMyHealth™ will give advance notice (where ever possible) of any such scheduled outages and indicate the expected duration of the outage.
  • d) Downtime may also be possible due to external factors outside the control of ManageMyHealth™.

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