Choosing the best platform for your practice

Manage My Health Vs Health365

Why use Manage My Health portal?

Manage My Health is a secure online health portal that extends the capabilities of your practice and transforms patient engagement. It provides the most comprehensive features that take care of manual tasks to reduce costs and improve cash flow so you can focus more on your practice and patients. 

Trusted by over 1.85 million Kiwis and used by most health centres, it is the only portal that is seamlessly integrated with the Medtech PMS that allows you to monitor and stay connected with your patients more effectively, anytime, anywhere. 

Manage My Health vs Health365

FeaturesManage My HealthHealth365
Medtech IntegrationFully in-built + ALEX
Mobile App
Desktop App
Appointment booking
Secure messaging
Group message
Lab results
Medical info sharing
Available in Te Reo
Prescription repeats
Online payments
Video consults
Email/App Reminders
Consult notes
Allergies/Long term conditions
Health diary (weight, bmi, height)
Medical information/adviceDiscover Health & HealthifyHealthify

*Every effort was made to ensure accurate information at time of writing (Feb 2024), we recommend you do your own due diligence when deciding what product is best for you as this may change over time

Reasons to choose Manage My Health

Largest patient portal

NZ's largest patient portal with over 1.85 million registered users

Most trusted patient portal

Trusted by over 685 healthcare organisations, corporates and charities

Most comprehensive platform

Innovation focused, providing unparalleled tools & resources for better patient care

Full Medtech integration

Manage My Health is built into Medtech which offers a seamless & rich integration

Patient empowerment

Enables patients to manage health goals & track progress

Family accounts

Book appointments, access records, and order medication for family or dependants

Group message

Allows you to send free messages to groups of your patients via MMH

Secure messaging

Enables patients to send secure messages to doctor or nurse

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Online CBT treatment program for mild to moderate depression and anxiety

The Manage My Health Advantage

Best PMS integration

Seamless & rich integration with Medtech PMS

Comprehensive platform

Extensive range of features to support health and wellbeing

Strategic partnerships ​

Partner with government & charitable organisations

Most equitable portal

Multilingual with Te Reo Maori and Zero rated data

Biggest brand in NZ ​

A brand trusted by over 685 healthcare organisations in NZ

NZ owned & operated ​

Healthcare solutions tailored to the unique needs of Kiwis

Continuous innovation​

Future focused product development roadmap


Designed for all with web and mobile app access

Trusted by over 1.85 million Kiwis and
more than 700 health centres

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