Branded Website & Marketing Assets for your Medical Centre

Designed to elevate your practice’s online presence and enhance patient experience

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Improve your patient’s digital patient experience

Manage My Health Managed Digital Services, specialises in building and enhancing your online presence to drive success. From website development to comprehensive digital marketing, our holistic approach ensures your brand stands out in the digital landscape.

Branded website

Launch a professionally designed, responsive website that captivates your audience and supports easy navigation.

Stationary pack

Branded business cards, letter pads, digital assets for social media, and promotional brochures and posters.

Google My Business profile

Enhance your online visibility with an optimised Google Business profile featuring your opening hours, contact info, and location.

Social media assets

Establish a strong social media presence that engages your audience and promotes your brand across multiple platforms like Facebook, X, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Why choose Manage My Health Marketing Services?

Boost your online presence with Manage My Health Marketing Services. Our user-friendly website, built on WordPress, ensures a smooth experience for multiple locations, service details, and online booking.

Branded website

Benefit from a unique, tailor-made website showcasing your brand identity.

Responsive design for accessibility

Ensure your website loads seamlessly on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices for a wider audience reach.

Easy Content Management

Easily manage and update your website with WordPress - Content Management System (CMS).

Secure hosting for data protection

Enjoy peace of mind with our fully secure hosting in New Zealand, safeguarding your website and customer data.

Integration with Manage My Health

Seamlessly integrated with the MMH portal for digital onboarding and online appointment booking.

Optimised Google My Business

Fortify your Google My Business profile for enhanced local visibility and credibility.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your website will be created with SEO best practices for better search engine visibility and performance.

Build your social media presence

Increase your online presence with essential social media assets for Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

What you get?

Unlock the full potential of your online presence with our WordPress-based website that delivers a user-friendly experience and boost your local visibility with a robust Google My Business profile and a strategic social media approach.

Branded Website

  • Responsive Design that ensures it loads well on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices.
  • Get a new domain or transfer your existing domain.
  • The website will be coded and tested according to web standards.
  • Built using the leading Content Management System (CMS) WordPress.
  • Fully-hosted and managed in a secure web hosting environment.
  • Intuitive user experience catering for multiple locations: Services offered, Opening hours, Locations, and Book Appointment Online.

Design Services

Brand consistency is essential for any business. Therefore, our design team will develop a branded stationary pack which consists of :

  • Stationary Pack: Design business essentials, including business cards for up to 5 staff members, letter pads, and digital assets for social media with your logo & brand.
  • Marketing Collateral: Develop templatised co-branded brochures and posters for the Manage My Health platform to promote your services effectively.
  • Brand Cohesion: Maintain brand consistency across all designed elements to reinforce your brand.

Google My Business

We understand the importance of accurate representation. With our expertise, we’ll fortify your Google My Business profile to boost your local visibility and credibility.

  • Create your GMB listing or optimise an existing listing.
  • Provide accurate business information (name, address, phone).
  • Add a detailed business description with relevant keywords.
  • Upload high-quality images.
  • Set accurate business hours.
  • Enable/disable messaging for customer inquiries.

Social Media Profile Setup

We will create essential social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to boost your reach and presence online.

  • Choose the right platforms.
  • Gather essential business information.
  • Create a username/handle.
  • Add a profile photo, cover image, and description.
  • Configure contact information and privacy settings.


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